Why do I need to have my chimney/flue swept?

Chimneys need to allow free passage of dangerous combustion gasses. Regular cleaning will remove soot and creosote, helping prevent dangerous chimney fires. Cleaning will increase the efficiency of some appliances. Bird nests, cobwebs and other blockages will be removed.

I've just moved house - do I need to have my chimney cleaned?

Yes! A chimney fire isn't the kind of housewarming you want. Please give us a call and we can book you in to check the appliance is safe and functioning correctly before use.

Do I need to have my gas/oil flues swept?

Yes. Although burning these fuels does not normally deposit soot there are numerous problems, which can affect chimney function. Having an annual sweep can solve or identify these. In countries such as Germany, where sweeping all chimneys and flues is a legal requirement, the number of carbon monoxide poisonings and chimney fires are a fraction of the UK.

Does it make a mess?

This is a very good question to ask when booking any sweep. The answer is very rarely. Guild sweeps are able to draw on the collective knowledge of the whole organisation and have a number of best practice techniques for preventing soot escapes. A rare exception may be when the chimney is blocked with a bird’s nest when it is sometimes difficult to contain all debris.

Why do I need to see the brush out the top of the chimney?

To demonstrate to you that the flue has been swept throughout its length, and that the sweep has done his work properly.

Why should I use a Guild and Hetas Registered Chimney Sweep?

Guild sweeps undertake an extensive training and assessment process. Training is based around the most comprehensive training manual in the UK. Guild membership requires members to be insured for Chimney Sweeping and equipped to deal with all standard job situations. Because the Guild is owned equally by all its members it can act like a co-operative, sharing information and solving customer problems. In the unlikely event your Guild sweep is unable help you, they should be able to recommend someone who can.

Why do I need to sweep my chimney before it is closed off?

If a chimney is closed off, it can get a bit damp. If there is soot in the flue, then this soot can turn to a black acidic slurry that in an old chimney can soak into the internal walls causing severe problems. If bad enough this damp can penetrate through to the room where it will cause unpleasant stains on the walls.

I’m having my chimney relined with a flexi liner. Does it need sweeping before installing?

Yes. If your old flue isn’t swept before relining to remove all soot, it can turn into a potential fire hazard due to heat transfer.

If there is anything you are unsure about or you have any further questions, please give us a call.