Other Services

Appliance servicing

This includes a thorough cleaning of your appliance, all removable parts taken out and cleaned. All door and glass rope seals replaced but please ask at the time of booking if you require this service.

Try the paper test to check your rope seals!
Place a strip of paper between the door and the stove, close the door as normal and then pull the paper out. If the paper is a snug fit then your rope seals are fine. But if you can pull the paper out without any resistance then it would suggest that your stove requires attention.

Cowls, caps and bird guards

We can supply and fit various terminals and provide advice on the one most suited to your situation. If you are having recurring issues with birds nesting we would advise having a bird guard fitted.

CCTV inspection

We use our state of the art CCTV inspection kit to inspect your flue/liner for any issues you may be having

Creosote Treatments

Many People are unaware that burning unseasoned wood or the incorrect type of fuel can lead to a build of creosote, which is essentially unburnt fuel lining the inside of your flue.

Creosote which is left untreated is a source for an uncontrollable chimney fire.

The treatment modifies creosote by converting it into a more brittle state that has a different expansion/contraction rate than the flue it is attached to, while reducing it’s flammable and corrosive properties