The Chesneys Heat Collection – Make Outdoors Yours!

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Bright and Shine is a small family run business who take great pride in offering a high level of service and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to bring the highest quality products to our customers.


Chesneys HEAT offers unique dual­ functionality – both a high quality, multi­ functional cooking
experience and a wonderful radiant heat that will have you enjoying your garden long into the night!

  • Based on award-winning Chesneys Stove technology
  • Employs clean burn technology to minimise harmful emissions and annoying smoke
  • Features patented, unique baffle and rotatable grill technology
  • Beautiful build quality employing quality materials and componentry
  • Built to last, with a 3-year warranty on the fire chamber and main body of the appliance
  • Supported by a growing range of accessories



The HEAT collection offers the clean heating capability of an indoor stove combined with the very
best cooking experience.

• Up to 700 degrees of radiant heat on larger models
• Single lever to control
• Ultra fast start-up means ready to cook within 15 minutes of lighting
• Patented ‘baffle’ to switch between heating and cooking mode
• Rotatable grill* plus direct and indirect heat allows flexible cooking in multiple modes; grill,
roast, bake, wok, smoke and pizza
• Significantly less smoke and emissions than a normal outdoor cooker


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