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Its been a while since my last blog, the designing of our new showroom has taken a lot of my time. We are nearly finished and should be up and running by next month and I am really excited!

We have quite a few new products which will be on display and will even have some demo days where you can come and join in and learn how to prepare dishes.

If like me, you love to cook you will seriously appreciate our Everhot electric Range cookers.

Everhot is based at Coaley Mill, situated at the foot of The Cotswolds in rural Gloucestershire. Some forty years ago the inventor of the Everhot, Ossie Goring, wanted a heat storage range that would provide some background warmth to his kitchen and that would also have a very low requirement for energy.

For the last 25 years Ossie’s son, Guy Goring – also an engineer – has continued to ensure that Everhot cookers set the pace in terms of innovation, efficiency, design and functionality and he has built the business into a real British engineering success story. Sustainability remains deeply embedded in their DNA and Everhot never stop trying to find ways to improve their cookers’ efficiency.



So, I hear you ask just what can I expect from my Everhot?

There are so many things going for Everhot it is difficult to choose.

My favourite is the design, with 19 colours to choose from and six widths the Everhot boasts large ovens and easy controls. Models from the 90 upwards come with either an additional simmer plate or induction hob. Plenty of room and versatility for whatever you like to cook.

Installation is incredibly straightforward since neither flue nor reinforced floor is needed it simply plugs into a 13 amp socket, keeping any disruption to a minimum.

The genius of an Everhot’s design is that it uses a trickle feed of electricity and its peak demand is a fraction of other electric range cookers, what’s more is there is no need for an annual service.
The true test of a heat storage cookers efficiency is the cost to run it when it is left on 24 hours a day with the ovens and cast iron plates turned on. It is important when comparing different manufacturers to ask what the running costs will be when left in this mode.

Examples of Everhot weekly running costs when left on at cooking temperatures and using the ECO mode overnight.

Everhot’s 60 model running at 85 KwH  approximately £11.90 per week

The largest 150 model the 150i at 100Kwh approximately £14 per week

and its counterpart the 150+ at 170 Kwh approximately £23.80 per week.

Let’s not forget their newest addition the gorgeous and highly popular electric stove,  Everhot fans, many of which refer to themselves as Everhotties, are going wild for their smallest product. Which provides heat to the room and also has a small oven which can be used for slow cooking, chillies, stews and casseroles or making jacket potatoes.



There is nor doubt that once you come and see one of the Everhot’s we have on show you will instantly fall in love, in the meantime you can check out any of the links below to delve a little further.

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