Kiln Dried Wood or Seasoned Wood?

Kiln dried wood

Kiln dried wood or Seasoned wood? It’s one of the most common questions we get asked here at Bright & Shine Stoves, but first, what is the difference between the two? If done properly there should be absolutely no difference at all because seasoned logs should be properly dried to below 20% moisture content. However, it’s not that simple as lots of factors come in to play when trying to season your wood.

Chances are your seasoned wood has not been treated properly in preparation for becoming firewood. It is taken from its natural environment and put on a fire within too short a time frame. As a result, it has a high moisture content of around 60%. Ideally, seasoned wood should been stored for between 6-24 months, to dry out and will have a moisture content of around 30-50%. But even wood with this moisture content when you burn it, the stove glass blackens and it will struggle to burn? This is because the wood has not properly dried out yet – it needs to be 20% and below in our opinion.


If the moisture content is too high you will have problems burning the wood. However, our kiln dried wood provides a reliable performance, meaning that every log you buy from Bright & Shine Stoves, whether it be in November, or May, should have a moisture content of 20% or below. Being kiln dried means that your wood can be used straight away and every log will light easily, burn cleanly and provide the maximum output of heat.


Our kiln dried logs will keep your stove in tip top condition because the higher temperatures given off by the wood, help burn off the remaining 20% water and sap in the logs and this prevents a build up of tar, which over time, can foul and rust your appliance, leading to a loss in efficiency and the need for more regular maintenance (which will cost you more money!)


Unseasoned and seasoned woods create smoke, which can be both released into your home, out your flue and this then leads to an increase in harmful gases being released in to the air.

However, with our kiln dried wood the wood burns cleanly and at a far higher temperatures and this means that absolutely everything is burnt and the bonus is you have a cleaner stove with hardly any ash residue.


We have have lots in stock and can deliver direct to your door. We have free local delivery to these postcodes (for other postcodes please contact us):

  • SY
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Our Kiln dried wood is more expensive than seasoned wood but kiln dried wood is actually more cost effective because you use less of it, as it burns hotter, longer and more consistently.


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