Masterbuilt Gravity – UK Launch

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At Bright and Shine, we love to bring new products to our customers! The Masterbuilt Gravity BBQ is set for a huge year in the UK market and we’re super excited to be one of the first Dealers to stock this exciting new product!

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Masterbuilt is one of America’s largest BBQ brands, established in 1973 and is known worldwide for it’s innovative, versatile and affordable product range. In 2020 the world’s first Masterbuilt ‘Gravity Series’ digitally controlled charcoal BBQ and smoker was born and what an impact it made, innovation at it’s best. This year will no doubt be the start of Masterbuilts exponential growth in the UK

The ‘Gravity Series’ has already proved itself to be a huge success and predicted to have tremendous growth into the 2021 season and beyond. These products appeal to a wide audience of people who want natural charcoal flavoured food without the hassle currently associated with charcoal cooking. Gas BBQ’s sales are in decline, while charcoal sales are increasing year on year… With these factors in mind you can see why the world’s first Masterbuilt ‘Gravity Series’ family, is the product to have in 2021 – it’s real BBQ, real easy!

The ‘Gravity Series’ is charcoal BBQing made simple. It’s as convenient as a gas BBQ, it’s as controllable as a gas BBQ, it’s as efficient as a gas BBQ and it’s as clean as a gas BBQ… but MOST IMPORTANTLY it has all the flavour, fun and personality that only charcoal brings to the outdoor cooking experience!

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