Cotswolds Wood Fired Eco Hot Tubs Wales

Burford Cotswold Eco Hot Tub

I first encountered a wood fired hot tubs back in my teenage years on a family trip to Sweden, I can remember being in a beautiful lush forest with breath taking views of a lake and feeling so serene. so when hubby suggested we invest in a wood fired hot tub I jumped at the chance, eager to experience that tranquillity again. Finding time to relax amongst Family life with three energetic children and running our own business can be difficult.

Coming home and preparing the wood fired hot tubs is quite simple; building the fire with kindling, a natural fire lighter and some logs; hearing the crackle and watching the flames dance as the fire takes hold, once that’s done its time to prepare dinner and sit down with the family.


With everyone fed, bathed and tucked up in bed the wood fired hot tubs is the perfect temperature to plunge into. That wonderful feeling of ‘letting go’ as you are immersed in a blanket of total relaxation, the stress of the day soon a distant memory.

It is no wonder that hydrotherapy (the use of water for curative purposes) has been around since ancient times, Egyptian royalty bathed with essential oils and flowers, while Romans had communal public baths for their citizens and the Japanese have a long history of using hot springs or ‘onsen’.

I love the mix of wood, fire and water feeling so natural and sublime. With benefits such as improved mental state, a clearer and refreshed mind as well as stimulating the flow of Endorphins. Hot tubs can Improve your ability to fall asleep faster, Improve your circulation and  decrease joint pain. For me all these benefits mean it’s a time of day I relish and I plan on it being part of my daily ritual no matter what time of year.


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